Embed Instagram Reels on Website: Why is it so important?

Instagram is addictive. On average an Instagram user spends about 53 minutes scrolling through the platform. There is a profound love among the users for the Instagram filters, stories, geo-tagging, and now of course REELS!

Instagram Reels according to stats are 22% more engaging than regular videos, altering the way how brands market on the platform. It is the hottest new format and has potentially altered how social media users create and consume content. It is not only interesting but also engaging. 

Knowing the impact of Instagram Reels, why would you want to restrict the growth to just your handle? Well, we’re talking about why is it important to embed Instagram reels on website.

Read the blog to know everything about it and the advantages that you can derive from it. 

Embedding Instagram Reels On The Website – What’s That?

Reels are an exciting way of creating video content on Instagram. Users can record and edit 15 seconds multiclip videos with audio of their choice, which can be shared on stories, explore feed and the reels tab on a users’ profile. 

And now with the updated API of Instagram, you can actually integrate this content on your website. 

This can help in potentially boosting the appeal of your website and ignite the interests of your website visitors,  while helping you gain incredible ranking benefits. 

Why Is Embedding Instagram Reels Important?

1 Redirect Instagram Traffic To Your Website

Instagram widget makes achieving exponential website traffic easy while enhancing the surfing time on the website of the brand. The content being aesthetic, real and pleasing leaves no reason why a visitor won’t be attracted to watch more of this content. 

Further, by embedding reels on the website you can build conversations, and allow users to connect with the brand. 

2. Drive User-Generated Content To Your Webpages

User-generated content is content created by real people based on their unadulterated experiences with brands, which is not only informational but also influential. 

Embed an Instagram widget for websites to help grow brand awareness on both social and digital channels, prospects’ trust and engagement with authentic content. The best part is, you can do this easily with an aggregator like Taggbox Widget!

3. Add Vibrancy To Users’ Experience

When an Instagram feed is embedded to the website, it lends instant appeal to it. It is a blend of customer experiences, the journey of the brand, and everything that it is up to. 

Those days are of the past when information laden, mostly dull websites did still manage to do the job! Now users place a lot of importance on their experience on any website. The content and its capacity to engage plays the leading role in brand growth. 

Credits to being able to bring Instagram reels on the website that you can actually get over this stress!

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4. Increases Dwell Time Of The Website

One amazing benefit of embedding Instagram reels to your website is that it boosts website’s dwell time, which is the amount of time people spend on your website. 

By embedding Instagram Reels on your website, you give website visitors a reason to scroll through your website and know more about your brand, the products offered, the actions taken for societal upliftment, how your past users are using your products, etc. 

The more the amount of timespent on your website by visitors, the better your chances of ranking higher on SERPs. 

5. Boost Conversions & Sales

By embedding Instagram feeds on your website, you stand a chance to make your visitors trust you more, keep them engaged, instill inspiration in them and convert them easily into website visitors. 

This will automatically lead to an enhanced conversion. Because potential users seek to know past experiences of the users to decide whether or not they want to invest into a brand. 

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Over To You

Instagram Reels is the leading strategy that brands irrespective of their category are leveraging. Credits to the amazing reach and engagement that it gathers. Furthermore, it has become exponentially important to cash upon the advantages that are a derivative of this format of content. 

By embedding it on the web pages of your brand, you can win attention of the visitors’ instantly, boost engagement and drive sales. 

Additionally, reels being vibrant,relevant and moving can naturally add an element of fun to your website, which supports in user experience.

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