Fully Customize Your Twitter Background Easily

InstaBG: Fully Customize Your Twitter Background Easily

Are you looking to spice up the background of your Twitter feed with eye-catching visuals? With InstaBG, you can now easily create custom backgrounds for your Twitter posts using images from Instagram. InstaBG is a great tool that makes it easy to search and browse through thousands of stunning photos and choose the perfect one to represent your brand. In this article, we will explain how to use InstaBG so that you can create an impressive background for all of your tweets.
Sharing photos on Instagram has already become a rage among iOS users. Now, you can use your posted images or those of other users to create custom backgrounds on your Twitter with InstaBG . And even those who don’t have an Instagram account won’t be left out. The InstaBG online service is accessible to anyone!

Your Twitter can get a new background every day. By enabling the automatic update feature, leave it up to InstaBG to show your followers that your page has a beautiful mosaic background.

Creating backgrounds for your Twitter can be tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, InstaBG is here to make the process easy and quick. InstaBG is a powerful tool that allows you to create custom backgrounds for your Twitter using images from your Instagram account.

InstaBG has an easy-to-use interface that lets you select any image from your Instagram account and instantly turn it into a high-quality background for your tweets. You can customize the background by adding text, shapes, or other elements to the design. With InstaBG, creating beautiful backgrounds for your tweets is easier than ever! The best part is that it’s completely free to use – meaning you don’t have to spend any money on expensive graphics software or tools.

How does Instabg WORKS

It is very easy to use the fully customizable service. First of all, we note that if your Twitter is protected, InstaBG will not be able to modify the background image.

Log in with your Twitter login, and start defining images. You can choose public photos, set tags and categories or even choose a user ID. Just below, the “Auto Update” option serves to enable or disable the automatic update once a day and also choose the order in which the images will be displayed.
Also, choose the size of the photos in the “Layout” button. 

The images InstaBG fetches come in various sizes (small, medium, or large). If you don’t want to leave space, you won’t be able to choose a background colour. Still, in the “Layout” option, there is the “custom” option in which the displayed images have different sizes.

The last option is the “Option”, in which you choose whether you want to display the date of the image or the “likes” it has. Once this is done, click on “Preview” to view your mosaic. Liked? Then click on “Set this image to Twitter”.

With everything defined, click on “Preview” to check a preview of the mosaic. To permanently apply the change, click on “Set this image to Twitter”. If you like, you can send a tweet that publicizes the change and the service that brought it about.

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