What do web developers need to know about web development in 2022?

You’re now interested in becoming a web developer, but you aren’t sure where to start or what you need to know in order to become successful. That’s okay! But if you want to be the best web developer, it pays to know about trends in the industry. While we can’t tell you what will happen in five years, we can give you some insight into what we think will happen and how it will affect your career as a web developer moving forward.


If you’re not up on HTML5 and web development best practices, your livelihood might be at risk. With such a dynamic industry, web design companies must keep up with what’s going on—and it helps if they stay ahead of it. In two years’ time, those who aren’t using HTML5 will be left behind as web-based applications become more sophisticated.

 But before we move on, let’s explore what exactly 


For years, JavaScript has dominated web development company, but it’s far from a perfect language. In recent years, new languages have entered the scene that are much faster and safer than JavaScript. These include Scala.js, Elm and PureScript.

 It will also become easier for web developers to create server-side applications using Node.js, which allows you to use So what do web developers need to know? If we fast forward five years, it’s entirely possible that a lot of things are going to look very different – a lot of it based on the popularity of these newer languages – but at least one thing is sure: JavaScript won’t be king anymore.

 The good news is that you don’t have to pick one language to use throughout your projects. Use what’s best for each situation – or, if you’re looking for something more flexible, build your own framework that can work with whatever language makes sense for that specific project.

Use these language options when writing professional resumes: HTML 5 CSS3 SASS/SCSS  JSON REST API Node.js APIs XAML SQL C++ jQuery XML Python Django You will also want to include technologies such as these on your resume, depending on your experience and expertise. 

If you are interested in becoming a web developer, I encourage you to follow all of my tips on how to write a professional resume that will open doors for you. Check out my post Professional Resume Writing Tips Here is an example of an executive resume sample if you would like an example of how an executive resume should look. Also be sure read through a collection of more tips for starting a career search that have been collected from highly successful people such as Mark Cuban who have used their knowledge and personal experiences and turned it into millions of dollars in wealth.

Responsive Web Design

The future of web design is already here. You can tell by looking at your favorite websites. They’re all built on a responsive framework that works well on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices without additional coding. If you want to be a developer of tomorrow, you’ll want to start embracing responsive design principles today.


In 20 years, SEO will finally be dead. Google has already announced plans to phase out search results that display a list of links. Instead, it’s focusing on providing answers through Google Now and more visual displays.

 Unfortunately, those Google-fuelled dreams won’t mean a return to satisfying online interaction. While you might be used to seeing intelligent responses from Alexa and Siri, your web searches will remain largely unfulfilled by 2023. It’s not just going away—it’s being replaced with something that is more advanced and broader than simple answers. Don’t be fooled by visions of autocomplete returned keywords. Expect broad visual search results before actual website development company.

Mobile Websites

If you’re not seeing a lot of action on your mobile website, it might be time to rethink its existence. In just a few years, most people have adopted smart phones that are capable of accessing websites; yet, many businesses haven’t adapted by building or at least maintaining separate versions of their sites for these devices. Mobile devices will keep getting more powerful and cheaper; soon enough, we won’t be able to tell them apart from computers at all.

Web Development Trends in 2022

5 Things You Need to Know : Web Designers and Development experts all around the world have been asking how will web design change in 2022. And it is pretty normal for designers and developers to want to stay ahead of latest trends so they can provide great user experience in their projects. Here are 5 things web professionals must keep an eye on if they want their sites of tomorrow to perform as well as they should  Now, let’s take a look at our list of trending topics: Responsive Web Design, Content Management Systems (CMS), E-Commerce Platforms, Mobile Applications and Information Architecture. These terms might look familiar already, but you may be wondering what each one represents specifically.

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